REVLON Parfumerie scented nail enamel : AU $15.95 from Priceline

With the abundance of new products hitting the shelves lately, this is the one that really got my attention. I had never heard of scented nail polishes and seeing them got me all curious. Honestly, the 2 for 20 deal is what actually got to me.

There are 20 shades to pick from and i ended up with "Wintermint" and "Bordeaux" which come in a beautiful packaging. The wintermint nail polish has a nice peppermint smell to it which got me craving peppermint ice cream.

I bought this thinking that the chemical odor usually present in nail polishes would be non existent in this one; but it is not the case. They smell just like old regular nail polishes. Once applied, it does smell minty, but it fades as a top coat is applied on it; and there's no way I would lose the top coat, it would be ruined in a day. The minty scent has completely disappeared after a day but no chip so far after 4 days

Overall i was pretty pleased and would love to try a few colours more. 


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