Running low on tampons, I decided to swing by Priceline last weekend. While making my way down to the check out, I noticed the brand new Revlon Matte Balms sitting on the display. I had been waiting so long for them to hit the shelves I was inescapably excited.

I grabbed two of the matte balms in colours 'Shameless' and 'Sultry'.

Shameless is a beautifully bold colour, perfect for the fall season. My boyfriend immediate reaction when I tried it on was "oh, you're never gonna wear this". He might be right, as I'm not gonna wear it often; however, on the good days when I feel adventurous to rock such a bold colour, I sure will.

The lipstick wears beautifully and lasts for quite a while; and like all Revlon lip balms, it has a nice peppermint smell to it which is always a bonus.


Bronze Eye Makeup Look

Simple Light Moisturiser
M.A.C Face and body foundation in no. C7
M.A.C Prep and Prime highlighting pen in peach lustre
Tom ford Shade and Illuminate in Intensity 2
Sleek Glo Face and Body highlighter in Bronze Baby
Smashbox Halo Longwear blush in Blissful

Nars pro-prime smudge proof eyeshadow base
Clinique Chubby Stick shadow tint in fuller fudge( base)
M.A.C antiqued eyeshadow( all over the lid)
M.A.C coppering eyeshadow( in the crease)
M.A.C sketch eyeshadow( in the outer crease)
M.A.C beauty marked eyeshadow( in the outer crease)
Urban decay Naked eyeshadow: sin and virgin ( under the brow and inner corner)
Savvy liquid eyeliner in Navy
Covergirl Flamed Out mascara in Very black Blaze
Ardell natural eyelashes

Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Fiery
M.A.C Lipliner in Brick

Hope you guys recreate this look. 



REVLON Parfumerie scented nail enamel : AU $15.95 from Priceline

With the abundance of new products hitting the shelves lately, this is the one that really got my attention. I had never heard of scented nail polishes and seeing them got me all curious. Honestly, the 2 for 20 deal is what actually got to me.

There are 20 shades to pick from and i ended up with "Wintermint" and "Bordeaux" which come in a beautiful packaging. The wintermint nail polish has a nice peppermint smell to it which got me craving peppermint ice cream.

I bought this thinking that the chemical odor usually present in nail polishes would be non existent in this one; but it is not the case. They smell just like old regular nail polishes. Once applied, it does smell minty, but it fades as a top coat is applied on it; and there's no way I would lose the top coat, it would be ruined in a day. The minty scent has completely disappeared after a day but no chip so far after 4 days

Overall i was pretty pleased and would love to try a few colours more. 



KORRES Lip Butter in Wild rose : AU $18.95 from Mecca Cosmetica

The Korres lip butter is a rich smooth pigmented lip balm which is perfect for days where you do not feel like having a lot of makeup but still need a wash of colour on your lips to avoid looking pale. 

 This lip butter adds just the right amount of colour to your lips, it does look dark in the container but when applied it sheers out to a nice glossy pale red but the colour can be buildable. I even apply it on top of lipstick instead of using a lipgloss as it is not sticky.  This rose scented lip butter is very moisturising and good for the winter months where your lips are dried and chapped. It also comes in 5 other shades and it is a nice handy product to have in your handbag.


+ pigmented for a lip balm


+ Korres products are all natural


- Packaging is not practical




ESSIE nail polish in Bahama Mama: AU $16.95 from Priceline

Essie's Bahama Mama is perfect as a fall/winter nail polish; but even though it is summer in Australia right now, i decided to wear this colour today just because I love it so much. It is a beautifully deep plum berry colour. To achieve a nice level of opaqueness, however, you will need at least two to three coats. Normally, I follow up with the Essie top coat just to lock everything in and avoid any chipping.

The formula of this nail polish seems to be on the runny side but it does dry up pretty fast. I have to say though, not that I have been particularly careful, but I've only had it on for a few hours and it has already started to chip. It is such a beautiful colour though, i can't wait for fall to be here to be able to start wearing all my fall nail polishes again.



NIVEA In Shower Rich Body Lotion Skin Conditioner (400 ml): AU $7.99 from Priceline

Ladies, here is the perfect solution for those lazy days (pretty much everyday for me) where you just don’t feel like moisturising your skin. Nivea came up with this brilliant idea that is the In Shower Rich Body Lotion Conditioner.

To be honest I was quite skeptic about it at first but decided to try it out anyways after seeing Tanya Burr using it.

Basic how to:

 1. WASH – Use shower gel as you usually would and rinse off

      2.APPLY – Leave the shower stream and apply a generous amount of the product. The ease at which it rubs in is pretty surprising.

      3.  RINSE – It will be absorbed by your skin pretty much instantaneously after which you can rinse off

4. DONE – and done! Dry yourself and you’re ready to get dressed.

Normally I use it when I shower before bed because that is when I am in my sleepy, near comatose state, and can’t be bothered to moisturise after my shower.

It leaves your skin smooth without any oily residue but I am still not convinced that it can replace any good old moisturiser. It is, however, a great substitute during winter when you want to spend as little time as possible between hopping out of the shower and into your warm comfy clothes.

This simple extra step in your shower routine will definitely help you have more hydrated skin.



JO MALONE English Pear and Freesia Cologne 100 ml: AU $180 from David Jones

Xmas 2013
After subtly (or not) hinting for a while that I wanted this perfume as a gift for Christmas, I finally got it. I heard about this perfume from the Pixiwoo sisters and I eventually just had to go and have a sniff of it to see what all the hype was about. I have to admit, I fell in love with it in an instant; so much that I would occasionally go to David Jones only to spray myself with it.

The packaging is sleek; simple yet classy. For a tiny 100ml bottle, I have to say it is overly expensive; but I do understand where this elevated price comes from. Jo Malone products are absolutely unique and smell unlike anything else I’ve come across.

Not being able to find the right words to describe this work of art, I borrowed some from Jo Malone’s official website:

“The essence of autumn. The sensuous of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden.”

They say autumn, but I personally feel it is more of a spring/summer fragrance.

You will love this scent if you have a preference for light fresh fruity fragrance. It is a clean scent in my opinion; it would be more appropriate for a day fragrance.
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